Books that lead to mischief

As a child I over loved two entire box sets of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. Farmer Boy took the most abuse. It led to adventures in taffy pulling, making maple syrup, churning butter, spinning wool…oh, the list just goes on and on.

If you have never read the books, they are a different beast all together than the television series, which my mother never let me watch as she felt it was an insult to the author. Read them. Or read them again as an adult for a different experience. Try to get the ones with the Garth Williams illustrations as originally intended. Again, check the library book sale. They always show up.

I would like to welcome the folks of Girls Gone Wilder, a secret society of very well read and well written individuals, who get a charge out of the discrepancies between the books and the TV show. I look forward to your contribution. I just know you guys will have a million topics for me.

So let your sun bonnet fall hang down your back by its stings and replace it with a crash helmet. This is going to be an adventure, especially when we get to the topic of raising chickens. For that you will need a pool noodle to defend yourself from roosters that got mixed in with your layers.

Finally, a little hat tip to Jen BossyPants for encouragement and willingness to join my adventures.

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  1. Thanks. I truly appreciate the support! I am very shy about my writing. I would prefer to stuff in a shoe box under the insulation in the attic…like a time capsule for the psycotic.

  2. A Girl Gone Wilder checking in!! 🙂

    Jen gave me your link and I’ve added you to my Google Reader. You’re off to a great start!!

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