The End of Bunny Ears

I could use that title to write a Playboy Club story, but, instead, I will write about my favorite place besides my napping spot…the library.

If you haven’t been to your local library lately, I hope that it because you are a bibliophile. I am proud to say that I have structural damage to my home from the weight of the books in my attic. Oh, it is sexy just writing it. There is a crack over my sons bedroom door caused by the overloaded bookshelves overhead. Yeah, that’s hot!

I love the smell of new books or old, musty, pre loved books. I love the cracking sound when you open a new hard cover… the thunk a long book makes when you close it for the night. The smoothness of high quality paper juxtaposed to the nubby high quality ink. The rough texture of old paperbacks printed cheaply. My Jonathan Livingston Seagull wish…come back as someone’s favorite book.

Oh dear, who brought up books….where is my topic?

Ah yes, the library.

So, no more free television, huh? Well, as lovely as having four snowy channels was, I will not miss the commercial laden diversion. The local cable monopoly feels that while I could stroll to small town market in under an hour, we are just too rural for them. That leaves us with satellite with their BS contracts, “equipment rental,” and double talk… or does it?

My library has videos. Loads of ‘em. They are kept in an orderly manner there at the library, free, leaving more room for the book obsession at home. Best of all, my library is tied in to every library in the state. I can fill out a request and get anything from any other library. No rental fee required.

Let us not forget the most important of high holy days…the book sale. For $5 per annum, I pay to be a “friend of the library.” This means I put on my grubbies and move books from storage to the book sale site for 2 hours the night befor the sale. I get first crack at thousands of magnificent pre loved books. While I am not allowed to purchase during set up, I am allowed to arrange the books for my convenience. It is wonderful! Chunks of 50 cent and dollar books all snuggle together just waiting for me at the open of the sale in the morning. I happily scoop them in the crates I bring with me and am through checkout quickly with the other savvy library “friends.”

Next payday would be a good time to suck it up and pay those old fines. You have spent more than that on cable, movie rentals, and new books this month alone. Tell the others to take a hike and make up with your old economic pal, the library.

The free library…heavenly.

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