Delving into Shelving

Let’s build some shelves!

Oh, you’re not feeling up to that? You know what? Me neither.

My first attempt at shelves resulted in chaos and a very haughty can of peas mocking me from the litter box.

Very well, let’s shop for some shelves.

For storing dry goods, I prefer the sturdy plastic ones that just pop together. They have slotted shelves that allow air circulation for root cellary things. They were on sale. They are hideous and live in my garage. However, I am deeply in love with them as they hold all my on sale canned goods.

1. Where do you want them to go?
Do you want little skinny shelves on wheels to roll away into the spot between the refrigerator and counter? Low wide shelves to fit under a stairway? Or perhaps, only the ultimate height matters as you are just jamming them into the garage?

2. What is on sale?
Go to Sunday Saver, choose what state you live in and compare prices. Try everywhere. Big box sores. Department stores. Home improvement stores are your best bet, although the cheapest shelves I ever bought came from on of those massive pharmacies that have at least 10 aisles of non medications. That is the beauty of the internet, my friend. Don’t forget to call your local buyout store have ask them, too. Or an local business that is going under.

Oh you didn’t find the exact shelves you wanted? Well, are the affordable ones sufficient?

3. Call ahead to make sure they will fit in your vehicle.
Don’t waste the gas and wear and tear to your car. Call.

4. Assemble your shelves and load them up with beautiful on sale canned goods collection.

5. Stand back and laugh.
You are well on your way of leaving the French Toast Club as a just a shameful memory. Congratulations!

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