McGyver and the Great Depression Generation

When I was little, I was relatively sure my maternal grandparents were super heroes.

My grandmother grew tomatoes on her front steps, went on wild elder hostel adventures, taught me how to swim and one dark night fixed the fuse for her truck headlights by peeling the metal wrapper from several sticks of chewing gum.

My grandfather was even more of a McGyver. In his crazy, basement shop/ bat cave, he could build anything. Much to my grandmothers irritation he would collect every that wouldn’t run away to fix other things.

During one visit, after one particularly exhausting day of sledding, my grandfather designed a ski tow for me. Schematics and all in under 5 minutes.

“I even have all the parts,” he told my mom proudly.

The plan was vetoed by my mom. Party pooper!

“She will grow up to be one of those people who actually buys a gym membership,” she flatly disapproved.

Well, obviously that argument held water with him, too. Another party pooper!

In future posts, you and I, Dear Reader, shall discuss the ways that are dying with the Great Depression survivors. The time has come to revitalize these ideas and share them with those around us.

As I head into these topics, please comment with your favorite uses for everyday things.

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  1. That sound so much like my father & grandfather. My grandfather had a well organized well equipped garage and while he was the world’s farthest thing from cheap he hated wasting ANYTHING! My dad could always fix things in a way that would last almost indefinately;however, he would always do so without the slightest regard to aesthetics, so things would be as solid as the rock of gibraltar and literally painful to look at. Though to this day I find it somewhat endearing his lack of aesthetic concern.

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