How to Never Again Pay Full Price for Groceries

If a storm is coming, do you run out for milk, bread, and eggs? Then you are a member of the French Toast Club. Quit.

Before grocery prices truly sky rocket this Spring, you would be wise to stock up a bit. Have you noticed all the “price freeze” circulars… usually it is maybe a two week thing in the winter. But this gloomy year, it would seem that many stores are making it a two month thing. Having devoured my economic news, it makes my stomach queasy.

Plus, it is just good sense to have a little tucked away for unforeseen events, hurricanes, snow storms, surprise guests. Eventually, you can attain a decent size store that can get you through job loss and other lovely surprises. The best part is you eventually stop shopping at the store, saving gas, and shop in your own garage…previously paid in full. Check out Delving into Shelving.

Not enough money to buy even one or two cans extra? I’m sorry. Try the Trimming the Fat series.

Here’s how you get there:

1. Make your grocery list.
Never shop without one.

2. Check out the coupon and circular sites
Sunday Saver and Coupon Mom are easy to use and can by tailored by location.

3. Choose a few items that are on sale.
If you run all over town your savings will be eaten up in gas and wear and tear on your car. Pick one store.

4. Use a calculator.
Figure out the best per ounce price.
Price ÷ number of ounces per container = per ounce price. Example: $1.00 ÷ 10 ounces per can = 10 cents per ounce.

Watch out: Some items are still not the best buy even on sale. Try a different or off brand.

5. Buy enough to last ‘til the next sale.
Sale cycles tend to run in six-ish week cycle. If canned peas are on sale now, chances are they will be again in about 6 weeks.

6. Stick to the list.
Don’t buy things just because they are on sale. If your family won’t consume them, they are a waste of money.

7. Consider nonfat dry milk.
Here’s why:

8. Rotate your stock.
Just like the store. Pull the old cans forward and put the new stuff to the back.

All done. Grin smugly. If you continue to do this through the sale cycle, you will end up pretty well stocked at the end of six weeks. Baby steps, kid.

Then when the storm comes, you can just hang out in your pjs and make hot chocolate. Shopping done.

Oh, the absolute best part…check out your percentage savings at the bottom of the receipt! After about six weeks this number will really grow because you are no longer buying anything full price. Ever!

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