You Bought It. Use It.

You Paid for It. Use it

“Don’t be fooled by the packaging, “ my mom would say.

My favorite cheese crackers are an off brand that comes in the most ominous black and red box with a very poor photo on it. a happy poverty purchase that turned out beautifully.

“Part of that price is based on the container,” she would add.

Well, lets reuse some containers. This week hang on to and clean your empties.

Yogurt cups, small and large
Sour cream containers
Egg cartons, cardboard
Soup and certain entree containers You know, those magnificently long lasting plastic containers from Chinese take out.
Glass jars from tomato sauce or the like

In the future, we will be repurposing these a bunch for our varied low-cost, self-reliance adventures.

So, start collecting and don’t forget the lids.

For now, try:

Sprouting New Ideas … Your Own Food

Beginner Gardening — Windowsill Herbs

Brown Sugar Body Scrub — just guess what you can use for a non-breakable container.

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  1. Mm, not tellin’. I will say, however, that the same “brand” makes a horrendous saltine.

  2. Oh – would that ominous label be Krasdale? I find it rather unnerving to see the well-lit foodstuffs looming from the black, shadowy background, but that shit is good food. And cheap!

    But then I thought about it. The the Green Giant is infinitely creepier, but it’s just so familiar that you kind of don’t pay attention to that big green dude who just seems like he would smell(and you KNOW he’s not wearing underpants, to boot). Compared to that? Krasdale’s label is idyllic. And without lack-of-undie angst!

    Seriously, though, I hear ya. Store and wholesale brands are worth checking out. To this day, I swear by Richfood’s “Spaghetti Rounds” over Chef Boyardee Spaghetti-O’s. They’ve got a nice, smooth sweetness to them that I’m glad I tried. And for half the price!

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