You Are Going To Do WHAT With That Egg?

So you forgot the shampoo even though it was on your list? Oh, you ran out of money before you got to the end of your list? Yeah, that’s happening to more and more people these days.

Maybe this will get you by for now.

Kitchen shampoo:
2 Tablespoons olive oil
1 egg
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar (or whatever vinegar, really)

1.Whisk the heck out of it.
2.Use like regular shampoo. You might want to beware of scalding hot water or you just might end up with egg drop hair.
3. Rinse thoroughly.
4. Freeze any leftovers for another time.

So, yeah, is feels kinda weird and you smell a little saladlike… but just look at your hair! Clean, smooth, healthy. Beautiful! Not bad for being outta shampoo, eh?

Don’t worry. The vinegar smell disappates as your hair dries.

Now I don’t think I would use this daily, due to per washing cost. But as a treat or if your out of shampoo, give it a go.

Try Sunday Saver or Coupon Mom to find coupons or sales.

More “doin’ without” recipes to keep you lovely, here, each Sunday.

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  1. So what your saying is… I’m not the only one running around looking like Ben Gunn.

  2. I can dig what you’re saying because every so often, I use AN EGG (beat it), coconut oil; then mix together and put on dry hair. I let it sit on my head looking really greasy (best to avoid people). Next day wash it in Dr. Bronner’s Castille (all vegetable based shampoo soap) and rinse it with VINEGAR.

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