Recession Depression Cures

Cold. I am sick of it. Beautiful snow. Crystal clear view of the twinkling stars. Sick of it. Oh yes, I would like to run away somewhere south of here, somewhere warm. Oh, somewhere you are allowed to be naked so that no one knows about Swiss Cheese Underpants.

For the foreseeable future, here I am. So I am going to make the best of it. You are welcome to join me…well, in your own tub. (I am not that kind of girl!)

I will make my coffee and climb into a toasy tub with with my little container of baking soda.

“Baking soda?!” you exclaim.


I will mix a tiny bit into my kitchen shampoo to strip away the excess yuck that winter or product seem to add to hair.

I will use the rest as an exfoliant.

Finally, I will just soak there, letting the baking soda water do its magic.

Oh, I will have the softest skin…and you… you, dear reader, will be so jealous of my bright, clean, healthy, baby soft skin that you’ll try it, too.

Maybe, I will follow it with some pipin’ hot egg drop soup for the hungry.
Join me. There is enough for two.

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