So, You Feel Like S*&%.

Well, you made it to the computer. At least, you got out of bed today. That is a start!

Hm…but I see that those are last nights pjs and your looking a bit gamey.
It’s okay. I have been there myself.

You’ve got the blues, the mean reds. You are bummed. Been there. Lots of people around you aren’t feelin’ so hot either.

Can you define what is bothering you? Oh dear, not everything?!

Well, I have been there too.
Maybe the car is shot, you might lose your job, there’s no money for anything. The house cleaning has gotten away from you.

It happens!…and not just to you, trust me. I talked someone through this yesterday.

Let’s help you dig out a little at a time.

Maybe, my grandfather’s pantyhose story will make you smile?

Hang in there.

I know this is a lot to ask…but if you haven’t taken care of yourself today, go brush your teeth. If you manage that, try a shower or a warm soak. If your out of shampoo, try this.

How did you do?

I know you are overwhelmed. It’s okay.

If you didn’t even eat today because you feel so lousy, go eat something. Cereal out of the box, some toasty oatmeal, or maybe my favorite, Egg Drop Soup for the Hungry. If you have enough energy, try a Stale Bread Comfort Food.

Personally, as I sink into the doldrums, I take a little b-complex and omega3. Perks me up enough to at least bathe…and get my brain to settle. Maybe ask your doctor about it.

Come back after you have cleaned up and eaten, for the next post on digging out of recession depression. Hm… maybe in about an hour as I seem to be a bit gamey myself.

Hang in there I do have some ideas. Simply, gentle, easy.

One baby step at a time.
We have all been there.

Okay, now try Starting Your S*&# List

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