Starting Your S*&% List

If everything from the bills to the house work is getting to be too much, start a S*&% list.

Here how:

1. Right down only what absolutely must get done today.
That’s it. Nothing else.

2. Break it down into tiny pieces.
Let’s say you need to clean the house. Start with the tiniest room. For example, the bathroom. Write down the toilet, sink, shower, mirror and floor as separate tasks.

3. Every so often, do one thing.
Maybe every half hour or during a commercial, tackle one mini task on your list.

4. Set a timer.
When your feeling this down, even working on a task for 10 minutes can feel Herculean. Got momentum? Keep going. No? Move on.

5. Check the task off your list.
You can feel proud as you gain momentum. Congratulate yourself. You are accomplishing something…little steps at a time.

6. Accept that some things might not get done.
Guess what? The sun goes on rising and setting, even if you didn’t accomplish everything on you list.

Tomorrow is another day. Make a fresh list, then. Keep hacking away, little bit at a time. I bet you’ll feel better soon.

Even that is too much? Start here.

If it is money problems, start here.

If it is your Swiss Cheese Underpants, start here.

If it is the groceries, start here.

If it is a trip to Super You-know-whatMart, start here.

Maybe, start with a cup of properly brewed coffee.

Good luck. I know you can do it a little at a time.

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