Sprouting New Ideas…Your Own Food!

What if you have no space for a garden? Maybe, you live in an apartment or, you simply have no desire to dig in the dirt. Maybe, you just need something green growing, while you anxiously await Spring planting .

In this ugly economy, you are wise to get some simple skills under your belt, be it brewing perfect coffee, trimming the fat from your budget or growing your own food.

For now, I thought we could try sprouts. Super easy, no soil, grown inside in a matter of days and actually prefer a bright, but not sunny window. Perfect!

Also, sprouts are a wonderful PreK-4th grade science fair entry.

We are going to try lentils because they are the first bag of whole beans I grabbed from my pantry. I haven’t done this since I was 10, so you might want to double check by running “sprouts” through your favorite search engine. I might be terribly wrong. There is so much info, you might find an easier method.

Let’s begin.

1. Measure no more than 1 Tablespoon of lentil beans.
Sprouts start as tiny seeds and quickly take up a load of space.

2. Pour into a saved glass container.
A wide mouth mason jar, clean tomato sauce jar or large pickle jar work nicely. Just remember to thoroughly clean the jar first.

3. Soak for 8 to 12 hours.
Cover the lentils with water overnight and let soak.

4. Drain thoroughly.
Using cheesecloth, screening, a sprouting lid, or even laundered pantyhose as a sieve, drain all the water out.

5. Rinse 2 or 3 times a day.

6. Taste.
When they are at least the length of the bean, give them a try. You could let them grow quite a bit longer, if you like. Just keep rinsing.

7. Fridg ‘em.
Once they have attained the length you desire, eat and refrigerate any leftovers.

Sprouts can be added to:
egg dishes

Thursday, in my can’t-make-it-to-payday recipe post, I will include a sprout recipe. For now try some sprouts in this.

Here, tomorrow, will be the story of me in my flannel granny nighty and a fractious rooster, who now lives elsewhere. Join the fun.

Happy Sproutin’!

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  1. Well, talk about expanding your diet. I’m glad your having a blast with it. Sprout on!

  2. When I tried these for the first time a few weeks ago, I put well more that a tablespoon of lentils into the jar. I blame it on my unchecked enthusiasm. But then … The jar exploded! The universe ground to a halt! Up was down! Gravitational pull ceased to exist!

    I kid. Nothing happened. The sprouts turned out just fine. But they did expand to an amazing degree. I put ’em on salads all that week and even planted as few as seedlings to see what would happen. If they explode, taking gravity with them, I’ll letcha know (hee), but for now, they’ve quickly growing, pretty little vine-y things.

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