Getting By with Recession Depression

Oh dear, you have become a statistic? You have been “downsized.” There are no jobs and you are feeling like S*&%. It’s okay. You are not alone. Let’s try to give you some purpose…make you feel useful again.

Or perhaps, the pension that was supposed to reward your years of service was eaten alive.

If you are really down, start here.

Since there are no jobs out there, I’ll give you one. You are the new CFO of your household.

Job Description: budgetary cut backs, finding alternate sources for everything from food to clothes, increasing your skills set to reduce household out sourcing.

Yes, I know you have an advanced degree in mathematics, biochemistry, maybe an MBA, and this doesn’t seem like rocket science, but…

“Hope doesn’t come from calculating whether the good news is winning out over the bad. It’s simply a choice to take action.”- Anna Lappe

Try to look at it as a learning experience. You will come out the other side of this recession, more knowledgable, stronger, more independent.

For example:

Learn to grow any kind of food. Sprouts, herbs and tomatoes in a sunny window, your first garden. We will learn together, eat our successes and then laugh at our mistakes.

If you already have a garden, expand it. We’ll can the extras or “root cellar” them so that you can take those fresh flavors into grocery store season, also known as winter.

Eating doesn’t get anymore local.

We are trying to put healthy, fresh, delicious foods in your family’s tummies, as inexpensively as possible. We’ll figure it out together, learn and laugh. Right now, here is what I’m thinking:

Sun-beauty, at home spa, health, mental health. For now try: You are Going to Do WHAT with That Egg?or Starting Your S*&% List

Mon– growing food, planning, purchasing, getting it started. Try this

Tues-backyard animals for the super beginner or city dweller (where zoning allows) and the funny stories that go with them. Like: The Cock and the Granny Nightie

Wed– books to help and entertain us, random hints and ideas

Thurs– waiting for payday recipes. For now try Egg Drop Soup for the Hungry or Stale Bread Comfort Foods.

Fri– personal finance, Trimming the Fat from your budget, tricks to help you move forward financially.

Sat– fashion, shopping, maybe baking…maybe For now try: French Toast Club, or Recon at You-know-whatMart

Email me: …with your tips, questions, ideas, concerns, thoughts, rants, things you need more info about. I’m an idea whore…I’ll write about anything. One thing I am good at is getting by and laughing at my own method.

Cum grano salis, folks!

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