Low Budget Gardening

So, the family needs to eat, but so many gardening books recommend methods way beyond your budget?

You could start with sprouts.

Have you bought spices lately? Try a 10 cent seed packet from You-know-whatMart in a sunny window. Oh, the huge amount of money you’ll save! In my humble opinion, nothing saves more money than growing your own herbs in a sunny window.

My best friend sees it as entertainment. Her Rosemary and Oregano are like little bonsai trees. But as previously mentioned, she belongs in the Boobie Hatch. I just let my herbs do whatever they please and take snippets, as needed.

If you would like to start or expand a garden, may I recommend:

Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times by Steve Solomon. Published by New Society Publisher. copyright 2005.

Okay so I would get it at the library, but if you want to support the author…

I hate gardening books, love the pictures, hate the text. I actually like this one and read it cover to cover.

There is loads of great advice: from whom to purchase your seeds and why, preparing your soil on various degrees of tight budgets, getting the most bang for your buck.

I find the book well organized, very informative with the occassional touch of humor. His authority comes from years as a seed grower/supplier, so he knows his material.

Check it out.

Grab a bag of potting soil this week, save those egg cartons and yogurt cups. Like this…and grab a 10 cent seed packet of your favorite herb.

Next Monday, we will start a sunny window herb or two or twenty. Just the basics. Nothin’ hard about it.

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  1. To the person who left the encouraging comment,
    You’re comment somehow was computer sifted into my spam folder. I only saw it at the last moment as I bulk dumped the spam folder. It was terrible, like slow motion…dial up internet slowly throwing away an unretrievable goodie. Very sad. I did see that it was encouraging though. So, thanks. Feel free to comment again and I will try to be less hasty to ditch the spam folder.

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