The Frugal Egg Challenge-Store Bought Vs. The Backyard Flock

I used to wonder: Why is it that the eggs I buy from the store and cook never, ever look like the pictures in magazine or my old cooking textbooks?

The first egg I got from our 6 hens last summer was immediately cracked, fried and eaten next to a “fresh” store bought egg. Like one of those soft drink “challenges.”

Here is what I discovered:

1. Super fresh eggs from your own chickens taste much, much better.
From the appearance of the egg white, it seems store eggs take no less than a week (if not longer) to get from chicken to dairy section. I later was informed by a farmer that it can actually take two weeks.

2. The yolks are more nutritious.
Because our girls spend their afternoons roaming around the yard eating whatever strikes their fancy, they get a more well rounded diet. Darker, more nutritious yolks for us.

3. The whites are fantastic for baking.
Due to the freshness, the white creates more lift in anything you bake. Fluffier cake, beautifully textured cookies.

4. Cheapest meal there is.
Backyard flock Egg Drop Soup for the Hungry about 16 cents for two servings.

5. Fresh eggs separate more easily.

Need to separate an egg with out it breaking the yolk? The backyard egg is the way to go. Again, freshness.

6. An $11 bag of chicken feed turns into no less than about 20 dozen eggs.
You do the math.

Thanks girls.

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  1. Grace & Peace,

    I’ve decided that hard boiled eggs that are hard to peel are a delight to me because I know just how fresh they are! If I really want something to peel easily, I take a stock of the backyard eggs and put them in the back of the fridge and let them sit for a week…then they’ll peel better!


  2. I’m glad you enjoy my thoughts. I hope to share info and entertain.

  3. Psst, the secret is don’t use your freshest eggs. OR pop them into the freezer for about 5-10 minutes. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

  4. One slight negative of the fresh, backyard egg, they are horrid to peel when hard boiled. We have tried the ice bath/ boiling water method but it does not give much advantage over the standard method. Regardless, we make a batch of egg salad weekly.

    Enjoying your blog.

    Grace and Peace

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