Childhood Evil Foods Revisited

“Breakfast!” my mom would yell up two flights of stairs.

I would sleepily bump down the stairs, declaring my impending death due to starvation. Every so often and always too late, I would discover what I believed to be the most evil breakfast going. Cream of Wheat.

Risking life and limb, I would turn into the most verbose curmudgeon.

Needless to say, she didn’t want to hear any of it.

This was not a restaurant… I was not being raised to be wasteful… Nothing in the parent rule book said she was required to make me a hot, healthy, filling breakfast. Pretty much all the same stuff I tell my kid about various meals. Ain’t traditions great?

As I watch the grocery prices shift, I sigh and realize it is time to revisit the more cost effective, super healthy, tummy filling, hot breakfast.

Cream of wheat is a fantastic source of iron, decent source of vitamin A, even calcium puts in a respectable showing, just to name a few.

If you haven’t had it since you were last forced, consider retrying it with your adult taste buds.

Make it according to box direction, but add goodies to it…raisins, a giant blop of applesauce, a splash of milk, or frozen blueberries. (Think of them as mini ice cubes with antioxidants. )

You might be pleased to discover that a little tinkering goes a long way, when it comes to improving the taste.

Well, that actually turned out really delicious. Nobody tell my mom.

One thing: never, ever forget to rinse the bowl after breakfast. Dried Cream of Wheat, apparently, can be substituted for mortar.

Try it again. Get creative and wave goodbye to the overpriced cold cereals.

Oooo! look at how much money you saved!

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