Waiting-For-Payday Recipes- S.O.S.

So this Thursday, I offer you another stale bread comfort food.  It’s okay if your are out of bread.  There are some other options.

Easy to make, fast,inexpensive, filling and very addictive. Yanked right from the recipes of the Great Depression. You can even feed an army with it. Really!

If you ever served in the military, you are perhaps a little too familiar with S*&% on a Shingle. For everybody else, it’s Creamed Dried Beef on Toast. This is one of my favorite foods on the planet and, yet, another great use for stale bread. Fantastic snow day food.

Here’s how we make it at my house:

OK, so, theoretically, it should serve 4, but we are just about licking are plates clean at 3 servings. Try it. If you like it and need more simply double, triple, etc, the recipe next time.


1 4oz pkg. dried beef

4 Tablespoons butter or margarine

4 Tablespoons flour

2-1/2 cups (20 oz.) milk ( this would be an ideal recipe to use the nonfat dry milk to save some money

1 slice of stale toasted bread per serving, minimum

No bread? Substitute rice, waffles, biscuits, baked potatoes, noodles, home fries, whatever you have in the starch category.


1.Chop the dried beef into bite-sized pieces. Rinse them. Dried beef is salt cured.

2. Saute´the dried beef in the butter until browned over medium low heat.

3. Slowly and thoroughly, whisk in the flour.

4. Slowly, add the milk. Stirring constantly until thickened

5. Pour over toast.

6. Serve immediately.

S.O.S. pairs very nicely with French cut string beans, cooked with a bouillon cube or two in the water.

Tomorrow is Financial Friday, so gather all your receipts for the week and get your bills together. We will see if we can make some sense of that mess for you.

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