Friday Night and Economic Storm Cabin Fever

Friday night. That particular pairing of words just implies a night on the town.

But, here you are sitting at home due to a financial storm. You might be feeling a little sorry for yourself as friends head to places that just don’t fit your budget anymore.

Well, don’t just sit there! Find your own entertainment.

Borrow a million movies from the free library. Eat your own fresh popcorn sitting in your pjs. Invite your best friend over and tell her to bring the milk duds. So what if you’re not 15 anymore?!

Look for your local PTA events. Spaghetti suppers, screenings of classic movies, bake sales. You just might be surprised who else is out at these humble community events.

How about a reading at a local book store or library?

Go to a junior high orchestra concert… or high school or college.

Somewhere, someone is having a recital.

Learn something new at a lecture at the library or nearby college.

Find a book discussion group in a local diner or even online.

Have a “what’s in your pantry” party. Ask each guest to bring something they have in abundance and create your own dinner party together.

Invite friends over for “after dinner” and drag out the dusty childhood games. Monopoly, Pictionary, Uno, Connect Four, Battleship. Don’t forget to tell them it’s BYOB (Bring Your own Bottle .) Crank the tunes like a teenager and have a blast!

Isn’t the local fire house always doing something? Join in.

Check local school and college web sites for more events.

Sometimes we need to go beyond our regular circle of comfort to find new and interesting stuff. Be brave. Get out of your house.

No gas money? I expect a big bright moon tonight where I live and I’m going to bundle up and go on a “listening” walk. You come, too.

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