Trimming the Fat-Part 3: Sorting It All Out

Deep breath. This is probably the easiest step, so don’t give up now.

If you missed them, click here for part 1 & part 2 of our Trimming the Fat adventure.

Okay, moving on…

Look at some of the different household budget templates and decide which looks best to you.

The first one I ever used is from Kiplinger Just plug in your category totals. Done. It’s that simple.

Here are some choices from Google.

You might want to try a free online money management site like Mint. Very cool! There are others, too. Check with your favorite search engine. Read some reviews and make your choice.
The online money management sites are super easy. Sign up. Enter your accounts. Let the computer do the work. Just don’t forget to track your cash spending.

My computer, my ancient browser or perhaps, my lousy dial up service prevent me from using Ah, so sad. I ended up using the Kiplinger Budget worksheet to guide my own spread sheet design.

Oh, I break it down way more than they do.

Plus, I have pie charts. Nothin’ says overspending like a big hunk of pie chart.

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