You’re Putting the Brown Sugar WHERE?!

No, naughty…hmm…well, close. In our ongoing adventure to save some money, this Saturday night and Sunday, we will continue to dig around our pantry for personal pampering.

You might want to pin your hair up. While we will make our skin glow and smell suspiciously like a cookie, you really don’t want this recipe in your hair. Messy!

So, since there is no sugar ration…yet,…I propose:

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

For 1 body:

1 & 1/2 firmly packed cups of brown sugar

1/2 cup oil (olive, corn, vegetable, etc)

few drops of vanilla extract – for the full cookie smell, of course

In a sit-next-to-the-tub, non breakable bowl, thoroughly mix the 3 ingredients into a paste.

Once your in the tub or shower, scoop the goop, as needed. Gently scrub, scrub,scrub. Avoid any rashes, broken skin or cuts. Also, it is a bit course for the face.

Ah, but the rest of your body…

Rinse and look at your skin glow! Oooo, your skin is so soft.

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