Getting Ready To Garden-part 1: Your Body

Last winter was slow and like a bear, I mostly hibernated. Boy, did I growl when planting time came.

Through a scheduling error we ended up with 100 strawberry plants, 75 raspberries, 12 blueberry bushes, 9 currant, 6 gooseberries, 4 elderberries…no partridge in a pear tree…but the all rest of it arrived all at once.

However, this year’s additions do include 4 ducks and a 30 tree mini orchard.

Plus, an expanded vegetable garden, more herbs and just enough wheat, oats, and field corn for our family of three. Aside from the gas tiller, everything is done by hand.

No, you may not come and giggle, while this chubby gardener threshes her own wheat. Although if you follow this blog at all, you know I will share my humorous misadventures.

One thing is for sure, I’m not heading into this gardening season unprepared. Last Spring, I wasn’t just unprepared, I was overwhelmed. Out of shape. I swear everything took twice as long as other years that I exercised through the winter.

Today, I will begin to prepare. Each day, I will gradually stretch more, walk further, get stronger.

This year when planting season comes I will be ready to tackle whatever challenges it sends.

Warm up, get ready, stretch, walk, work your muscles. Nothing takes the joy of providing your own food faster than being totally out of shape.

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