The “Have-More” Plan

The basic idea is this:

The more food you grow or raise yourself, the less money you have to shell out at the grocery store. The more you do yourself, the less money is spent on household outsourcing.

After all, that is what I am trying to share with you here. Little ways to get by on less.

It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment in the city with sprouts on your counter top, herbs on your windowsill and chickens or honey bees on you roof top, in a suburb with a manicured lawn decorated with edible landscaping or have a few acres in the country. There is always some way to grow at least some of your food yourself.

Today’s book review is “The ‘Have-More’ Plan: A Little Land-A Lot of Living” written by Ed and Carolyn Robinson. Published by Storey Publishing, LLC. copyright 1973.

This charming book in its 38th printing is for the beginner– the person just trying to figure out how to grow or raise some of their own food.

Originally, published in the 1940’s, it offers much wise advice for providing for yourself in today’s economy. Their target reader is either planning to move to the country or perhaps already has an acre or two on which to grow.

While here and there some advice is obviously outdated–like the liberal use of DDT–most of it is still rings true.

Topics range form choosing and laying out your land to planting and canning your own vegetables to raising a few livestock animals to earning a living in the country.

Their expertise come from their life. They have lived their adventure.

I recommend this short book to anyone who would like to be a more self reliant and just needs a few ideas to help them plan their own adventure.

Check out last week’s book review of Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times. Appropriate for city, suburb and country dwellers.

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