A Ton of Garden, A Tiny Space–Strawberries for the Apartment Dweller or Suburbanite

So you live in an apartment with no land, no space, nowhere to grow.

Really? Look again. You would be amazed what you could do with just a sunny window or even a good grow light.

It’s that time of year to make some decisions. I’m here to help.

Here are some ways to cram a zillion strawberries into your tiny space. Each link will show the item from one of the sources I trust for decent service. Once you know what you’re looking for, you could try one of these sources or use your favorite search engine to find a better price. Of course, I always encourage you to try the adventure of making it yourself.

Let’s get some food growing!

We will go from the smallest number of strawberry plants to the largest. You may be pleased to find you can grow up to 32 plants in about the same floor space as just a large pot.

Strawberry Jar–7 plants…some designs more or less. This link has a horrendous price, but a lovely example. The strawberries are planted in about 6 pockets and 1 maybe 2 in the top. Now that you know what you’re looking for, search for a better price.

Blossom Bag12 plants per bag– not very attractive but high yield in a small space. Plus, they are affordable and super sturdy.

Strawberry Patio Kit–25 plants–attractive but more expensive than just doing two blossom bags. Tiny footprint, loads of fruit

Strawberry Growing System –32 plants! That is definitely enough to can some jam. The price is… okay …but if you’re handy, couldn’t you make that yourself?

Strawberry Pyramid–50 plants. However, now you really need a 6 foot diameter circle of ground…though rooftop would be great for the apartment dweller. Still, a very efficient method, if you have much space. Don’t like the price? Take a good look at the picture and see if you could make it yourself. Here is another view of the exact same product, but not so grown over.

Next, you need to decide do if you want them to ripen all within a week or two for fresh eating and canning…or would you prefer to eat them all summer and freeze any left over. Think about it.


Choosing the Right Strawberries for You

Other beginner gardener thoughts:

Sprouting New Ideas … Your own Food

Vegetables for a 4″pot

Vegetables for a 6″ pot

Vegetables for 8 or 10″pots

Vegetables for Hanging Baskets

Windowsill Herbs

Start growing today!

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  1. It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future
    aand it iis time to be happy. I have reead this poat and if I
    could I want to suggest you few interesting things or advice.
    Maybe you can write next articles referring to this article.
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  2. Hi there — who knows if you keep up with comments to old posts, but if you do —
    I’m interested in the blossom bag, but the picture and description in the link leave me with some questions. How does it drain? How heavy is it (that is, what is the volume — 20″x5″x)? How do you attach it to the hook? I ask because you seem to have personal knowledge of this gadget. Thanks!

  3. Absolutely! In an apartment every inch of growing space counts. Build shelves in front of a bright window, hang plants from the ceiling, use that verticle space anyway you can.
    You might try Alpine (variety) strawberries. They cascade beautifully from a hanging basket or “gro-bag.”
    If you don’t want to buy a grow light, increase light like the ancients did, use mirrors to intensify what light you do get.

  4. You still need light. My apartment living room has one window facing the street and natural sunlight is very weak and only in the mornings. The only thing I have successfully grown is rosemary. My shrub is 5 years old now. Would love to try strawberries but where would I put them? Can I hang a basket from the ceiling near the window?

  5. It is extremely rare for them to be started from seed. I’m not sure if that is because it is hard or just takes a really long time. Strawberries send of tiny new plants called runners, kind of like how a spider plant makes new little plants.

    Anyway, if you don’t know anyone that grows strawberries, look for them at Walmart, Kmart, Lowes, Home depot. Nourse and Pense are, in my humble opinion, the best mail order sources. Nourse has good charts. Pense is the least expensive with outstandingly healthy stock.

    It is certainly, not too late. One year the very mean deer ate mine entirely. Ripped them out of the ground entirely. We just started again. If you are planting outside… they can tolerate a light frost, but must be covered in mulch to survive a hard frost. Here in zone 5 it is still too early for strawberry planting.

    If you are planting a windowsill garden, whenever you can get your hands on the is fine.
    I will try to do a post on planting in the next couple of evenings.

    Are you planting inside or out? How many do you hope to plant? And do you want them all at once or just a few at a time?

  6. Great post. I adore strawberries. When’s the best time to start strawberries? Are they difficult to start from seed? Is it too late anyway? Obviously I’m a novice gardener, but I’m trying!

  7. If I didn’t get the strawberry jar from Craig’s List or Freecycle, I wouldn’t pay more than $15.
    I almost fell over dead, when I saw that price.

  8. The strawberry jar looks an awful lot like one of the pots for hen and chicks. I’m sure they could be purchased for less.

    I love the strawberry system and might try making one out of a small barrel or trash can.

    Great article, I love strawberries and edible landscaping.

  9. Well the nicest thing about the smaller plantings, jar, bag and patio planter is that you could bring them in, if critters are a very big problem.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    BTW the Eggs Goldenrod recipe was just posted with your link.
    I just know YOU will grow enough to make jam, won’t you?

  10. Really cool stuff – love the thinking that they can be grown anywhere. We`ve been holding back planting as we live in a large city (Toronto) with a lot of racoons (amongst other critters). Some great ideas here and may just have to turn out living room into a garden patch!

  11. I will do more for the small space/apartment garden series. Please feel free to ask anything you don’t see. I am stuck for ideas.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Awesome! I love the jar idea.

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