Waiting-for-Payday Recipes: Tangy Marinated Chicken

Two ingredients. That’s it. Your chicken will be moist, tender and very flavorful.

Ready? Here we go:

For two:

2 chicken breasts halves, or legs, or…hm, you get the idea. Marinate some chicken

Enough Italian dressing to cover the chicken


1. Place the chicken in a bowl and cover with Italian dressing. It’s okay if some chicken is peeking above the dressing, because you should flip the chicken around every so often, anyway.

2. Cover and refrigerate for 2-4 hours. Two hours is less zingy, four much more so.

3. Place in non-reactive baking dish, glass, ceramic, etc…basically non metal. I like a casserole dish with a lid to keep it a little juicier. Or you could just cover it with aluminum foil, if you’ve got any.

4. Bake at 325 degrees F (a medium slow oven) for about 40ish minute or until the juices run clear when you stab the chicken with a fork.

Serve it over a salad, buttered noodles or perhaps rice cooked with a chicken bouillon cube in the water. Or next to any kind of potato works just fine.

Pick a colorful fruit and veggie and you’re off.

Dinner is served.

Final thoughts: Don’t waste too much dressing. You want it to marinate but there’s no need to go to the poorhouse doing so. Turn the chicken.

To increase the recipe: assume one split breast per person, splash in a little more dressing or stir more often.

BTW, this is fantastic grilled!

Waiting-for-payday recipes can be found here each Thursday. Others you might enjoy are: S.O.S. (Creamed Dried Beef on Toast) or Egg Drop Soup for the Hungry

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