Date Night Desperate Measures: Hair Mousse

You are totally out of hair spray, gel and mousse. You have no time or money to run to the store. What are you going to do?

Okay, aside from panic and curse?

Hmm, try this.

Whipped Egg White

1.Put 2 small bowls on the counter.

2. Crack an egg into one bowl.

3. Cup your hand with your fingers with your fingers together.

4. Over the other small bowl, carefully pour the egg into your hand. Eggs are slippery devils. So, go slowly.

5. Slightly separate your fingers. The yolk should stay in your hand as the white slowly slips through to the bowl below. Just concentrate on keeping your fingers close together so the yolk doesn’t escape.

6. Don’t panic. If you never separated an egg before, the first time can be a bit odd. It feels weird and looks weirder, but it will be worth it.

7. Do whatever you want with the yolk. You can cook it, wash your hair with it, throw it at an enemy, or discard it. Your choice.

8. Whisk the heck out of the egg white and I mean get it frothy and foamy. If you have a blender or electric mixer, use it. If not, keep whisking, while you tell yourself how wonderful your arms will look after this workout.

9. Once you have turned your sloppy egg white into a fluffy foamy mass, use it exactly as you would styling mousse. It will even look like mousse, if you whisked enough.

Note: This is one of the yuckiest things you can do in a kitchen, but just look how great your hair turned out.

Have fun. You look fantastic and no one will know your kitchen secret.

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Have yourself an adventure. Try them out tonight.

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