Passing Along the Homestead Survey

When I was in high school, there was a survey called the purity test. It was basically a scale of how naughty a person you were. ( I was depressingly pure. ) I believe it transcended every clique. By the end of the year, everyone had taken it.

Now, I am passing on the Homestead survey. Find out how self-reliant you are and pass it on. It’s like a Cosmo quiz for the outdoorsy, grow your own, prepper type. It can work wonders on writer’s block.

As far as I can tell, this is where it came from:

I got it from Maggie Mae Farm who got it from Howling Hill and so on…

Oh, boy let’s go!

1-What is the biggest goal of your lifestyle? Oh, feed the family. Greatly supplement the kid’s public school education

2-When did you start this lifestyle? Two years ago for the animals, maybe 15ish years for the garden.

3-What was your main motivation? My son, then 4, thought eggs came from the dairy case

4-Did you have any previous experience in anything you’re doing now? I grew up in the country and we had sheep for fun as a kid, but I escaped to adulthood without any country skills. So .. uh.. no. It really adds to the adventure.

5-Does your spouse/significant other (if you have one) share the same ideas? yup

6-Do your friends and family understand and support these choices? For the most part, yes. Although, my mom likes to point out the negative points of each livestock decision. (I was really a pain in her butt as a kid about giving the sheep fresh water. Sorry, Ma.)

7-How happy are you with your achievements so far? Very, but we have a long way to go

8-Are you more of a gardener, homesteader, prepper, health conscience, “green”‘ or a combination of several? I’m just me and whatever we are most interested in at the time, we try.

9-Has this change of lifestyle affected your personality? Absolutely, there is nothing like waking up to the deer munching off the last sunflower head (that was intended for winter chicken feed) to help you gain a sense of…humor? anger? … hm … adaptability.

10-Has it changed your view of your life before? Yup, why did we ever eat expensive, lousy grocery store food?

11-What about how you view others that don’t understand it or naysay? They can bite me.

12-If you could convince someone to live the way you do in ONE sentence, what would you say?

Life is short, so have an adventure, while you feed and educate yourself and your family. Was that a run on sentence?

13-How large is your vegetable garden?

Deer tolerant veggies 60′ x 80′. Deer candy 40′ x 40′ ish

14-Do you grow any fruits, and what and how many?

hm… 75 raspberries of about 6 species, 50 strawberries, 16 blueberry bushes, 9 currants, 6 gooseberries, 5 GOLDEN Rings! 4 elderberries and a partridge in a pear tree. And 30 dwarf fruit trees, mixed are on the way. Wow! I guess we have some fruit.

15-Do you have any animals and what are they? 6 hens, 2 angora rabbits, 3 cats, 4 ducks are coming in the spring. I would like 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk,cheese, and soap.

16-Do you can/dehydrate/freeze/store your own produce?

Yup, all of the above

17-Do you work with mainly power tools or hand tools in your gardens and others?

I like hand tools. My hubby prefers power.

18-Do you compost?

Absolutely, but I let the chickens stir it up.

19-Do you recycle?


20-Do you consider yourself energy conscience?

More than most, but there’s loads of room for improvement

21-Do you make any of your own household cleaners?

Hm… well, I clean glass and floors with white vinegar and scrub the sink and tub with baking soda. But make? no

22-Do you make your own bread? Yup, all of it.

23- If in an emergency situation, are you able to not leave home for a week? How about a month? A year?? Oh, we’d be okay for a good while and I would be in my own personal hermit heaven. “I’m sorry I can’t do any PTA stuff this month…our road has washed away…Yippee!!!”

24-Are you tired of answering questions yet? Nope, stopped for lunch

25-If you prep, what do you consider to be your most useful tool/items?

Seeds and canning jars

26- If in an emergency situation, could you live in the wild or out of a tent?

I suppose I could but I would get crabby very quickly. I’m always cold and I hate sleeping on the ground. Could I have a hammock?

27-Do you have the knowledge & skills (plus tools) to hunt and fish for food? I have books on everything. Zilch skills. I’m an iffy shot and the fish I catch are always the ones they recommend to eat only once a month due to mercury levels. It would be eggs and soybeans at my house.

28-Do you or can you sew your own clothes and make your own bedding?

I can sew, but hate it. I can spin wool a little, knit a little. I would like to be able to cobble, mostly because it’s a great word.

29-Can you field dress a deer, drink a coffee, smoke a cigarette, make a cell phone call, light a fire, AND answer all of my annoying questions at the same time?

I can spin the wool to knit that deer a lovely frock, while brewing coffee in anything, rolling my own smokes, flipping off someone driving with a cell phone, give a motherly glare that could burn a hole through concrete and be a silly cynical test subject.

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