Trimming the Fat-The Office Drain

This is one of the simplest ways to save money. It is one that is so obvious that it easily gets overlooked.

The evil office vending machine. Buh- bum!

Avoid it like the plague or … virus crazed zombies.

Over time, the saving really add up. If you spend just one dollar in a vending machine, every day that you are at work, in one year you will have spent … $260!

Now, do you spend just one dollar?

Wow, that much, eh? That is money that could have gone towards groceries, rent, car insurance. Oh, about a zillion more valuable places. And for what? The an unsatisfying bag of chips, a stale cookie, perhaps?

Let’s put that money towards something else.

Next time your grocery shopping, buy your favorite snack. Buy at least enough to last you ’til your next shopping trip.

Avoid the “snack” packaging. Instead, repack lower-cost-per-serving full-sized packages, preferably in reusable containers. Take them with you to stash until that nagging afternoon hour.

Nibble with pride, as you realize that you are chipping away at the amount of money that gets wasted.

Over time, the saving really add up.

If you would like to watch those savings grow, learn to track them here:

Trimming the Fat: part 3 —Sorting It All Out

What do you think is your biggest money leak?


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