Getting-By Together:Little Kitchen Helpers

If you really are not used to cooking all your own meals, it can be a little tough at first. Let it be an adventure, take others with you and be prepared to laugh at your mistakes.

I always just assumed that everybody knew how to cook everything. Well, forgive my ignorance.

The reason I can cook? I helped my mom, who created everything from oatmeal bread to sticky buns, yogurt to ice cream, chicken stock to stew, cottage cheese to cheese cake. She looked at the kitchen as our own adventure in chemistry and mathematics.

By eight years old, I could double or divide any recipe in my head.

By encouraging my brother and I to “make ourselves useful,” she got help in the kitchen and we learned so much.

Check out Coach Trish’s “Kids in the Kitchen” for an idea where to start your little one.

I’ll be back shortly with my a list of my favorite cookbooks for the very young and the young at heart novice.

Begin your kitchen adventure today!


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