Filet Mignon for $3.99/pound

There is a secret to getting this fantastic price. Most trained, working chefs have the skill but lack the timing. You can have both.

Every savvy cook should know how to handle large quantities of meat.

No kitchen should be without “Cutting-Up in the Kitchen: The Butcher’s Guide to Saving Money on Meat & Poultry” written by Merle Ellis. Published in 1975 by Chronicle Books.

Hm… new and used for 1 penny a copy…guess where.



The bag was the size of a king sized pillow and I could just barely heave it onto the counter. This moster bag of steaks contained contained: Porterhouse, New York, Filet Mignon, Chateaubriand, just to name a few.

At $3.99/pound, it sure as hell wasn’t staying in the store.

What was wrong with it?


“There must have been something wrong with it,” you insist.

Nope. Off the truck this very morning.

There was, however, a twist. Inside the bag were two uncut Short Loins.

That’s it. Two massive slabs of uncut, boneless beef.

By Friday afternoon, any possible skilled, professional chef bought their meat hours ago. And tomorrow? They will be standing there for the fresh stuff off the next day’s delivery. By 5, the meat cutters ran out of time and have gone home.

What do they do with it. Sell it at remarkably reduced prices.

This is where you finally win over the store, but you must have some skills and eyes like a hawk. Not that you could miss a pillow of beef.

The average home cook has no idea what to do with gigantic slabs of meat.

Oh, this is where you save the really big bucks, dear reader.

The book covers knife choice and sharpening, tricks of the trade, how to cut beef, lamb, pork, veal, poultry, stockpot, carving, sausage, preserving and freezing.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing is a more valuable skill in the kitchen.

Get the book. Learn the skill. Lend it to absolutely no one!

So the next time the co-op says,” anybody want a side of beef?”

You reply how?


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  1. If I publish that everyone will come to my store. However, lots of supermarkets do this just before close, esp on Fri and Sat nights. Best time to do your shopping. Plus, they tend to run out of sale stuff, so you can get a rain check from the service desk to use whenever.

  2. So where did you find this large piece of beef?

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