The Fresh Chef: Corn–Even Better Than You Knew

Oh, I’m sure you have had decent corn from the supermarket or really good corn from the farmers’ market, but the flavor that comes from a parking space sized plot of home grown corn? Unbeatable!

The people to whom you serve it will become your slaves. Well, not slaves (politically incorrect,) but you can surely get more favors from them.

Here’s why:

There is an old saying. Something along the lines of “walk to pick it, run to cook it.” As soon as corn is picked, the sweetness starts to turn starchy. Run to that pot!

If you want to serve the best there is, you have to grow it yourself.

A $3 bag of seed will provide so much corn that that just 4 stalks pay for the whole adventure. Not enough room? Oh, really? See link below.

Last summer I couldn’t find my 6 yr old. After a bit country hollering, I found him sitting in the corn patch happily nibbling an ear of corn.

“Uncooked corn? Gross!” you say.

Ah, then you have never had it that fresh.

You can have:

Sweet corn

Super sweet corn

Popcorn– a Ridiculously HUGE savings over buying the microwave kind and tastes so much better

Field or dent — if you want to make your own fantastic cornmeal or feed your backyard animals. This is also the category under which most ornamental kinds fall.

The biggest problem: Once you grow it, you will hate the taste of store bought.

Later, I will have more info on the kinds and how to choose.

Now,I have to bake our bread. Shall I make a loaf for you?

How are you gonna grow your corn in a garden the size of a parking spot?

Click here for: A Ton of Garden, A Tiny Space: Three Sisters– Corn, Beans and Squash


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