Waiting-for-Payday Recipes: Eggs Goldenrod

As the economy gets worse, we look to the recipes of our grandmothers. Another Great Depression classic, I offer you Eggs Goldenrod.

Back when everybody and their neighbor kept chickens, eggs might have been one of the few protein sources a family might have.

Since my backyard flock is laying like fiends again, it is time for an egg recipe.

While we will not be winning any food competitions, we will fill 4 hungry tummies with a delicious comfort food.

Here we go:

Eggs Goldenrod

1. Make a roux


6 Tablespoons of butter or margarine

6 Tablespoons of flour

Melt the butter, whisk in the flour. Bubble together over a low flame until the starchy smell goes away. It should smell like buttered popcorn, when it’s ready.

2. Turn it into a cream sauce by slowly adding:

Low budget version:

A 12oz. can of evaporated milk

1-1/2 cup of water


High budget version:

3 cups of milk

3. Salt and pepper to taste.

4. Add 9 to 12 sliced hard boiled eggs.

5. Serve over a piece of toast.

Garnish: Reserve the yolk from two of the eggs and put through a garlic press or rub through a sieve. Sprinkle over each plate.

Others in th Waiting-For-Payday Comfort Food series:

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Here’s a link for Creamed Peas on Toast from Well Preserved

This week, at my house, we are having home grown edamame …creamed on toast.

So what protein can you serve creamed on toast?


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  1. What a wonderful site. I am enjoying it for so many reasons. Let me list just a few: you always seem to add alternatives and options to most of the ingredients to help think for myself challenged people (I am speaking of myself); you add quick tutorials for challenged people like me; you have HUMOUR; and most of all you write of things that make sense to me.
    I wanted to mention the proverbial “Creamed tuna on toast” which also has SOS as its acronymn.
    I also quickly wanted to mention that when I was much younger we always made sure that pantyhose were in the tool box in our vehicle so we could substitute it for a broken fan belt. It worked, believe me. Keep up the good work!

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