Learn-a-New-Skill Challenge — Sourdough

Note: 3/27/09 — My dehydrated stuff came today.  Yippeee!

(Neighbor Nancy ties on a fresh apron and just about skips into the kitchen.)

Click here to join me for phase 1


Well, hi there. I’m so glad you dropped by. Join me for some coffee, won’t you?

So, I gave you all my best hints for regular yeast dough. Now, are you up for the next adventure?

As you begin to bake, one of the sad discoveries is the horrendous cost of yeast.

“Is it really necessary,” you ask.

Well, no, not really. We could make sourdough. We could pull the naturally occurring yeasts from the air around us to raise our bread.

Now, either I have never made it or I simply can’t remember. Point is: I know nothing.

Let’s learn together. If you are an experienced sour dough baker then, please, send a little advice our way.

If not, join the fun.

If you are a student, we could use a little sourdough history. Well, or Oregon Trail history, for that matter.

There is a culture that is over 150 years old. Carl Griffith’s family has fed and shared this particular dough since the Oregon Trail. Wow!

Today, the friends of this now passed man continue the tradition of keeping history alive.

Okay, that’s really cool.

This could be an amazing opportunity for teachers, parents, those who seek self-reliance and those like me … the ever curious.

Follow the link below for more info. All you need to do is send a self addressed stamped envelope, and they ship you the …

1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough dehydrated starter along with the story instruction, etc.

Then join me back here to let me know you have the starter and we will all try to start at roughly the same time, reporting our success and failures along the way.

So let’s see:

For the price of a couple of stamps and envelopes we get:

to learn a new skill– sourdough baking

to honor someone’s memory

to make a little history come alive

to become a little more self-sufficient — wave good bye to store bought yeast

to have an adventure together

Go ahead. Join the fun. I double dog dare ya!

Click here for Carl Griffith’s FREE 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter

Now, when I get mine, I’ll post more information and a few sourdough starter recipes for anyone who isn’t going for the whole history thing. We’ll all try it together.

Well, what are you sitting there for? You’ll never mail it, if you don’t get off your bottom right now. Oh, you’re not chicken are ya?

(Neighbor Nancy lowers her head and looks over her glasses at you with a twinkle in her eye.)

Tomorrow is a Waiting-for-Payday recipe night. So come back and join me on my back porch swing for the next low cost goodie.

Neighbor Nancy signin’ off.

One last thing: who’s in?


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  1. you make a good point, Sam’s Club is not the best option if you don’t live near one! And not sure about the sourdough, it has always intimidated me!

  2. Nancy-I do a lot of baking myself, especially these days when every penny counts! I found out that you can get a 2 lb bag of it for a FRACTION of the cost at Sam’s Club. For 2 lbs it’s less then 5 dollars, that’s a whole lot of of those little 2 1/4 tsp packets. So I’m not sure if you have a Sams’ Club nearby, if not maybe check your local bulk foods grocer?

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