The Really Important Frugal Links I Forgot to Mention — Sorry

Well, hello there, thanks for stopping by. Can I offer you a glass of home made strawberry lemonade?

There now that’s better.

So, in my attempt to bring you some frugal ideas and share some tips, I kept having the feeling I was forgetting something really important.

Today, while cruising around visiting my new friends, I figured it out. Basically, ’cause a friend bonked me on the head with it.

Check the coupon links on the side for the updated Sunday newspaper coupon links. Sorry for the delay.  I guess my brain fell out.

For more on never paying full price at the grocery store again try:

The French Toast Club

Thumbing Your Nose at the Dairy Aisle– Contemplating a Backyard Flock

Try growing your own with

The Fresh Chef — Adding Soft Fruit to the Garden

or perhaps you want to preserve that great deal you found…

Canning: Where to Start

Thanks for stopping by. A little later I will share tonight’s Waiting-for-Payday recipe. Join me.


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  1. Thanks Andrew.

  2. Great post! Very helpful links.

    Keep up the good work!

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