How to Feed a Family Through Gardening

Well, hello there. It’s so nice of you to drop by.

( Neighbor Nancy passes you a plate of warm Lemon Spritz cookies and takes one for herself )

Feeding a family on a budget?

So, you say you have plenty of room for a big garden and would like to try to feed the family. You don’t? That’s okay. Just poke around in the Beginner Gardening Category to the right.  There are a load of ideas for container gardeners.

Anyway, family gardeners…

My, well you are in luck.

Today, I came across the most wonderful chart. Similar charts can be found through the FDA and a few Storey publications, but I found this one particularly easy to understand.

It is set up for the family of four and you are reminded, of course, the food intake is subjective. For example, my family could live quite happily without any beets whatsoever.

For each vegetable listed, the chart offers:

  • Pounds to raise for a family of 4
  • Quarts/pint to preserve for a family of 4
  • Approximate vegetable yield per 100’row
  • How many foot row is needed for a family of 4
  • How many foot row per person for fresh seasonal consumption
  • Approximate seeds or plants needed for 100’row
  • How many jars of muscle rub it will take to recover from planting that garden

Okay, not the last one. You’re on your own there.

Even if your not planting a large garden this year, I encourage you to print it out and tuck it into your gardening file.

If you haven’t gotten your seed orders in, please do so. Many companies are claiming a minimum of 2-3 weeks backorder.

The chart is only for vegetables. We are left to our own imaginations for adding fruit, but it is sure nice to have some help with the “how much to plant” question.

If you are seriously trying to feed your family from your garden, I heartily recommend the vegetable chart.

If not, well, it was nice to have your company today.

Don’t forget to check the Freebie category at the right for several free seed offers, including tomatoes.

What would you plant more or less of for your family?

Click here for “Amounts of Vegetables to be Grown and Preserved for a Family of 4 Persons”


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  1. Thank you for this wonderful information! It is exactly what I was looking for!

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