The Frugal Chef: Wait! Freeze That

What beautiful weather we are having here. The maple sap is flowing out of the trees like crazy.

I hope it is nice where you are, too.

Here have a Cappuccino muffin and a cup of coffee.

We need to discuss something that many of you are not doing. My mom, the professor of “Food and Beverage Cost Control,” has informed me that I haven’t stressed this important habit to you, yet.

Let’s begin.

The Stock Container.

Yes, as in soup base.

Let’s suppose you make some kind of bone-in roast. Chicken, beef, ham, whatever.

After dinner…

After you have saved any leftover meat for sandwiches or salads…

Save all the bones in the freezer. With chicken,especially, this looks very unappetizing, but trust me it is worth it. Sure, chuck the giblet bag in, too.

As you cook throughout the week, throw your left over veggies in the freezer, too. Particularly, celery tops, carrot ends, leftover raw onion.

Now you have the makings for soup. Don’t be afraid. We will strain it. It is frozen and ready, when you are.

Come back Saturday, 3/14 around 11am EST. I will be making stock. You can peek over my shoulder and I’ll whisper all the secrets to you. Then, if you give it a try it will be ready for dinner.

Don’t forget to check out today’s freebie.

I’m going back outside to enjoy my coffee. You are welcome to join me.

Tomorrow, there will be another freebie and then later, the Waiting-for-Payday recipe.


Can you smell that Spring breeze?


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