Freebie Days –Living the Country Life

Good afternoon! What a lovely day. The bees are buzzing around the maple buds and the sap is flowing.

Join me for a cup of coffee and a muffin. I want to show you what came in the mail today.

It’s a magazine called “Living the Country Life: Ideas and Inspirations for Your Place in the Country.” The best part… it’s free.

Now I don’t mean free … like they send you one and then charge you for a year.

I mean free. Sign up. No credit card. I signed up last Spring and the thing still keeps coming free.

Here are April’s cover articles:

Cooking with herbs (the Mustard- Rosemary Grilled Lamb looks delicious! )

Get greener grass

Cool Mules

Your prettiest perennials

Similar in content to Grit or Hobby Farm Home just thinner.

It is published by the RFD TV channel, which may or may not be available through your satellite provider.

I love to thumb my way through a magazine now and then, especially when it arrives in my mailbox for free.

Click here to get your subscription to: Living the Country Life

Check out the other goodies available in the freebie category over there on the right.

Come back tonight and we’ll chat about the envelope trick or tomorrow for another freebie and a tutorial on making your own soup stock.

( Neighbor Nancy reties her apron and heads into the kitchen to catch up on her baking )


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  1. I just signed up for the magazine. What a great tip-thank you!

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