Freebie Days — Free Sunflower Seeds

Okay, grab the kids and ship ’em outside to count pollinators, A.K.A. bees.

No interested kids? Do it yourself.

You can help the count bees and receive free sunflower seeds. If you garden, you know just how important the bees are. This great educational project is super simple and reward you with free sunflower seeds for your garden. Hey, and you are helping an important cause. Very cool!

If your an educator, you could nicely tie this in to a biology or math unit. Don’t forget that spiral pattern that the sunflower seeds make in the flower head are Fibonacci numbers.

What’s a Fibonacci number? One of the beautiful ways to find pure math in nature. Look it up.

Click below to learn how to:

Join the Bee Hunt and get your free sunflower seeds.

Who is gonna eat what you grow at your house?

Here it will be a battle of chickens, rabbits and the “peanut.”


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