Freebie Days: Free Tomato Seeds — Yippee!

Oh! I am so glad you dropped by today.

This is my favorite freebie. I have been waiting for this one.

Today is the beginning of Cambell’s “Help Grow Your Soup” campaign.

So, follow the link below. Grab a can of soup, fill in the stamped numbers from the can and get your free tomato seeds.

You can find growing and care instructions right there on the site.

While you’re there, click the little button to encourage Cambell’s to donate to FFA.

In this year of backed up seed orders, I would do this ASAP, because once they run out, they’re out. And you, dear reader, are left without free tomato seeds.

Hurry! Click the link below. Go. Go. Go!

Cambell’s Grow Your Own Soup Tomato Seeds

Poke around the freebies category on the right for more free seed offers.

Or join me later this evening for

A Ton of Gardening, A Tiny Space: Vegetables for the 6″pot

(Neighbor Nancy ties her apron, adorns her black wellies and heads out to check maple sap lines, gleeful that she doesn’t need a jacket )


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