A Very Frustrated Neighbor Nancy Throws Doughballs at a Blogging Network

(Neighbor Nancy rips off her apron, throws it over the back of a chair, and plops herself noisily into her computer chair )

I must begin with an apology to you, dear reader.  The following is completely unrelated to my usual content.  I need to vent a wee bit.

Brace yourself for a very un-lady-like post. There might be abundant cursing as I fumble for words. I am so frustrated that I could bite the tip of my rubber spatula right off!

If you are unfamiliar with this little bit of writing I do here, let me explain. I try … and I mean I try very hard to write entertaining and informative content to help readers learn to be a little more independent. A few simple skills and ideas to help you get through the difficult financial times that are engulfing our nation the entire globe. Things like how to budget, purchase wisely, grow at least some of your own food no matter where you live.

During the Great Depression years our government did this sort of thing through the medium of radio. Little shows like Aunt Sammy, offered tips and recipes. Now, the information is still out there, but not only do you have to dig for it, but it is an absolute snore to read.

I am trying to make it a little fun.

It takes courage to try something new, learn a new skill, change the patterns of your life. I write for strong, intelligent individuals, who are trying to get by and just need a little advice here and there.

(Neighbor Nancy curses, counts to ten, and takes a deep breath)

In an attempt to get this information to the people who could benefit from it, I signed up to be interviewed by a large blogging network that targets a decent portion of the people I hope to reach. I was informed that…

Wait. I don’t want to misquote here…

Ah yes, here we go.

“I don’t think you’re quite ready …(removed to protect the offending network. And, no it was not wordpress, who I love)…You’re using a free blog without your own domain name and I understand that you’re just getting your feet wet with it all.

Shout at us again when you make your move towards a full fledged blog presence! We’ll be glad to consider you then.”

I have absolutely no problem with being turned down as a newbie. After all, I only have 91 posts with only 2,802 views over my very short 50 days of existence. I am well aware that this blog is in its infancy. That excuse alone would have been fine.


To imply that because I do not pay to publish and am therefore not worthy is offensive. That because I do not support a paid site with content swaying advertising…

Because after all, why does a thinking person trust public television, NPR or Consumer Reports?

You know what?

I’m a friggin’ frugal blog for cryin’ out loud! I encourage you do your own research. Any product or site I mention includes the proviso: couldn’t you make that yourself… or find it at a better price.

I have no problem with other personal finance bloggers choosing to advertise. That is their choice. That is how they bring in extra income. That buys food or clothing for their families. I can respect that.

But for me and the educational nature of this particular work of writing, I feel it is inapropriate and cluttered.

I will not be paying to be published. There will not be advertising. To bad if that means I do not have “full fledged blog presence.” Tough noogies!

Any book or product I mention, I have read or used and found to be truly helpful. And let’s remember books can be found for free at the library.


I humbly ask that if you know someone that could gain something from these writings that you pass it on to them. If you like what I write and are internet savvy, please add me to stuff like StumbleUpon or anything you can think of. I am admittedly clueless here.

After all, the spirit here is a little friendly free advice.

Last fall my husband got a job earning more than twice any past income. We are still well below the poverty level and I will be damned if I will go for food stamps until I have planted every dad-blasted inch of my lawn with a food producing garden. As long as the three of us are eating healthily, there will be no ads. My writings come from our own experiences of trying to “get by”. I practice what I preach for our own financial survival. Period.

Please take a moment to leave a comment.

Am I wrong in feeling this way?

Should I clutter the site up with ads?

Feel free to add your own rant!

( Neighbor Nancy reties her apron and leaves to hand knead some bread to get her frustrations out )

( She is heard mumbling as she marches away )

Consumerist morons. Isn’t it your friends, family or neighbors that you turn to for a little free advice or do you go ask a bloody f*%#in’ salesman?

Shouldn’t we be proud of our no-debt, non-consumerist financial independence?

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  1. I happen to stumble upon this March post while searching for…. hmm, can’t remember what. Anyway, your post sounded so similar to one I posted not long ago about keeping my blog free of advertising. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for keeping it free. The world is too much about money already. Some of us need to stick to our principals. I couldn’t find any posts after July. Have you stopped blogging?

  2. Sadly, yes.
    Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate you taking a peek.
    Now you can see how I got a little nervous over the strawberry post. I’ve gone nutty.
    Have a warm Philadelphia Sticky Bun for the road.

  3. It’s definitely ironic that your blog about being frugal is being punished for not being a site that you pay to have viewable by others.

    Unfortunately though, these days, blogging is a business. Not knowing the specifics of the interview situation, I’d just guess that the blog network was looking to drive traffic to their own site by interviewing you. To do that, they would want to pick a blog that had web presence and therefore that would post about the interview after the fact and drive traffic to them. That’s just a guess.

    Like you said, that’s all about being a new blog and not really anything you can help. I’ve been a blogger for over five years and my newish blogs still get the same treatment. While it’s unfortunate that they phrased their reason the way that they did, it probably all just boils down to them wanting to make sure that you can make them money.

    Does that sound accurate?

  4. Oh, I think you had better take a warm muffin.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Pass me along to anyone you think may find it useful, because word of mouth is the only PR going on here, it seems.

  5. I don’t recall how I stumbled onto your blog yesterday, but I certainly didn’t notice that you were “new” or that you didn’t have a “professional” domain. I liked the content I read and added you to my Google Reader. I like your blog just the way it is 🙂

  6. Thank you very much.
    Take a blueberry muffin with you.

  7. I’m new to your blog and I’ve enjoyed your posts.

  8. No offense taken, love.
    You better take a cookie.
    I prefer a “pay it forward” approach. That’s all.
    Take away some knowledge and give of your self to someone else in need. This behavior is what creates community, in my humble beliefs.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Like I said, I have no problem with other people advertising to support themselves. I feel that it goes against the spirit of this blog.
    Of course, without it, I will never afford a domain name, which won’t make me a better, more informative writer anyway.
    Oh well, their loss, right?

    Thanks for all the warm support everyone.
    (Neighbor Nancy passes hot Philadelphia Sticky buns and coffee to everyone. She gives Funny About Money 2 sticky buns.)

  10. I hope I didn’t offend. I guess I see you providing so much value in the information you are sharing some people might want to return the favor some how. When you give to the Universe, it likes to give back. Why not make it easy for the Universe by providing an inroad to do so? But that is just my world view and obviously not in keeping with your objectives for this blog. So I beg your pardon and again offer my strong encouragement to keep doing your thing and not be thrown off course by those blognetwork nasties or even misguided advice from friends (ahem). I will now solemnly remove my foot from my mouth.

  11. Thanks for your support.
    A few thoughts…
    1. While the public relations of the aforementioned would be helpful, I hardly think they would spring me to a level that my service provider would give a hoot about.

    2. If I get a domain name, it would be through wordpress that I chose for the ability to do just that… should I so choose.

    3. A domain name does not magically make me a better writer or content more useful. Easier to Google, but that’s it.

    4. In the spirit of neighborly advice, I would never even suggest anything in return. I would find that really “horrible” for the spirit and content of this blog.
    If a reader is fortunate enough to have something to donate, I ask they give to those in need around them. “Grow a row” for local soup kitchens. Knit mittens for your local woman’s shelter. That kind of thing.
    If I have helped a reader, I encourage them to help someone else with whatever talent they may have.

    As a body of work that encourages others to save money, I feel a voluntary donation would be in poor taste.

  12. Looking at the response you got from them, I am struggling to understand exactly what their concern was. The best I can figure is that if you are on a free blog site and they drive lots of traffic to you, they could get in trouble with your service provider. (Maybe) That is the only logical concern I can imagine.Any which way, while I can understand your disappointment in the response from that group, please do not allow that to take you off your course.
    I don’t beleive they said anything to suggest your content was not worthy.

    I would also say that you can get that domain name for less then $10 a year and website hosting of your own for less then $10 a month.
    Would it be horrible to give people the option of sending you a little donation if they value your blog? You could pay for these expenses and maybe even get a little extra? If you dont know how to do that, Techie2Go would be happy to give you some technical help for some of those edamame plants you got sprouting.

    So my opinion is your blog is a wonderful thing that deserves to continue. Don’t take this bs to heart, keep doing your thang!

  13. I agree with everyone who’s commented so far. I’m a brand new ‘blogger’ and am interning for a great WAHM site. When doing one of my assignments, which is to post comments on 25 blogs a week, I came across yours. OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVED IT immediately. It’s cozy, comfy and a bit country with a lot of LOVE in each post! I wish I lived next door to Neighbor Nancy!

    It occurred to me when I was reading the comment from funnyaboutmoney1 that these no names who turned you down are SNOBS – they don’t understand what you are standing for. But that’s what we love. They are out of touch with the people and their ‘numbers’ that they love so much will show it!

    You’re awesome and I hope my blog grows up to be a lot like yours one day! – alas, I’ll be advertising to pay for the internet bill, tho! 😉


  14. That IS offensive. Who the H*ll do they think they are?

    I use WordPress.com, because I don’t monetize FaM and I don’t want to. I did buy a domain name, not because I knew any better but because my blog started on iWeb, which assigns you the most BIZARRE, baroque permalinks the human mind can conceive; the only way to get around that is with your own domain name. If I’d started on WordPress, I’m sure I would have used the default WP URL, which strikes me as perfectly fine.

    FaM is now among the top 100 PF blogs, gets over 7,000 hits a month, and comes up at the top of a Google search. Not bad for an amateur, eh?

    It sounds like these people have some ax to grind, one that probably entails extracting money from bloggers. Ignore them for the low-life that they show themselves to be.

    BTW, I like your theme. Very handsome. Keep on blogging! Best wishes for great success!

  15. Hear! Hear!

    I’ve gotta say … I have so much respect for what you’re doing here. You’ve managed to consolidate an amazing amount of useful information in one interesting, fun-to-read spot.

    As far as a domain name or ads – well, whatever. Sure, you could pony up the few bucks to purchase a domain. Is a domain the mark of good and worthwhile writing? Hardly. And it does kind of fly in the face of your frugal do-it-yourself ethos. Besides, we’ve all got bookmarks for a reason, amiright?! In addition, I personally respect the integrity of your blog sans ads.

    Don’t let anyone get you down. I enjoy checking in here a few times a day, and I really want to thank you for that.

  16. Well said! Of course, if you look at how “we’ve” gotten ourselves into this situation, you’d not be too suprised at the mind-set of the un-named network. How unfortunate that there are those who do not recognize that the old saying “The best things in life are free” is quite true, and on many levels. Don’t buckle under, and don’t waste anymore dough balls! As for the “newbie” comment – well, KUDOS to you for accomplishing what you have in such a short amount of time! And many thanks for providing an informative and entertaining blog – please don’t stop!

  17. Yes, you should be very proud of your independence from consumerism (sp?). I want to express my appreciation for your blog. I am enjoying your gardening tips, while learning valuable information.
    Thank you, so very much.

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