A Ton of Garden, A Tiny Space: Vegetables for the 8″or 10″Pot

Good evening! Thanks for dropping by. Grab a cup of coffee and join me at my potting table.

( Neighbor Nancy removes her kitchen apron and puts on her gardening apron, already be-smudged with the excitement of the season)

Tonight, we are moving up in size. We are maybe half way through our containers. So get more potting soil and dig in!

Save money on pots by using the bottom half of a gallon milk jug. Don’t forget to poke 6 to 8 drainage holes with a nail.

Vegetables for the 8″Pot

Below each plant type is the variety followed by the number of plants you can put in the 8″pot.


  • Bush Whopper — 1 ( Personally, I would choose maybe a 10 or 12″ pot)


  • Yolo Wonder — 1
  • Bell Boy — 1
  • Canape — 1
  • Sweet Banana — 1

Vegetables for the 10″pot


  • Golden Yellow — 1

Hot Pepper

  • Jalapano — 1 or 2

Next get your hanging baskets ready. You’ll have plants trailing all over the place.

Again, all info was borrowed from The Youth Gardening Book by Lynn Ocone, who sites the Cooperative Extension Service: The Ohio State University for the container planting chart.

Click below for:

Vegetables for a 4″pot

Vegetables for a 6″ pot

Vegetables for Hanging Baskets

Big Bucket, Bushel Basket or Tub vegetables

Apartment Strawberries

Windowsill Herbs

Come back tomorrow for a new waiting-for-payday recipe.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I’ll do my best to help.

Don’t forget to check the freebie category to the right for the free seed offers.

(Neighbor Nancy waves goodbye before digging her un-gloved hands deep into a big bag of rich potting soil )

What kind of jungle are you planting in your containers?

Happy growing!


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