Don’t Let This Happen in Your Town – or – Neighbor Nancy’s No Good Very Bad Week

A very big, dark, political cloud closed in around me, while I was busy “getting by.” The daily chores of financial survival kept me too busy to notice the following.

I was talking to my pop this morning and he said,” did you see today’s headline in the little local paper.”

I had not so he summarized the story that followed this local head line:

Dalton Council: No chickens

Go ahead and click that I dare ya.

While I understand their concerns, I am still reeling from their decision. So, please forgive my lack of words. I’m stunned.

This decision has nothing to do with our “girls”. It is, however, just a hop skip and jump away. What thoughtless things are going on in my township? Very scary.

Obviously, the councilmen that voted against have had the luxury of full, comfortable employment.

That’s right I say luxury. A job is a privilege and not a right. Obviously, they have not gone to bed hungry so their child did not. Obviously, my brain is going to explode.

It is apparent that their eyes are wide shut to the world events around them. I am deeply saddened and shamed by them.

I want to shake them and yell,” engage your brain!”

Why not offer town courses in chicken keeping. You county extension agricultural agent was extensively trained, by your own tax dollars for just this sort of teaching. A clean, well maintained chicken coop has very little odor. Education, folks, not ignorance will get us through tough times.

Aw, they don’t like how the chicken coop looks? Then teach people, help them create a structure you can tolerate. Hold a covered dish chicken coop building party, where everyone helps according to their skill.

I would rather see a neighbor’s truly hideous coop built from scrap than try to fall asleep at night knowing they might be going to bed hungry.

Shame on you, councilmen. I was always proud of my little town. Now, I am truly ashamed.

Again, forgive the poor writing. I’m just too angry to even be able to collect my thoughts in a clear, concise manner.

I’m sorry that tonight waiting-for-payday recipe may be a little late. I need to settle down first. Check for others in the category at the right.

Has this happened in your town?

Please take a moment to leave a comment.

(Neighbor Nancy hides her tears of outrage, fear and frustration behind her apron and goes to sit with her hens for a little company)


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  2. Go get ’em! You know I’m behind you. You may want to work on getting the media’s attention. The more of us that stand up for ourselves the better
    And you’d better take a Philadelphia Sticky Bun for strength.

  3. I’ve just learned what we in the residential district of tiny, rural Buckland, MA,need to do to keep chickens. Jump through about a million hoops and shell out $130 in fees, ads for hearings, and postage for mailings to abutters. I’d say for someone on a fixed income or out of work, that would be prohibitive. Even after you jump through all the hoops, you may not get to have your chickens…

    I plan to work to change the law allowing for a small flock to be kept without all that fuss, if neighbors sign that they give permission. I think raising your own food is a right.

  4. Well, of course, how about a plate of cheese cake spritz cookies?!

  5. No blueberry muffin? No sticky bun? 😦 🙂

  6. Thanks for your support, James. The scary question is who has to be hungry? townspeople or councilmen?

  7. Woe is me am I late to the fight, for shame. I agree with the comment on federal regulations that have the ability to make it near impossible to be independent and self-reliant. It is actions such as those that cause me to lean towards a desired end result of dependence on the government. Take your voters cares away, provide for all their wants (notice I said not needs), and make it clear that in order to maintain their new found levels of comfort the bureaucrats perpetual selection is hereby a necessity. Works very well unfortunately.

    I also think there is definitely an equally vain aspect involved that coincides with the mess we are all in to this day. The spend and splurge, keep up with the Jones, what you have is who you are mentality is not an affliction that cannot find its way to city councils and city hall, after all they are us and subject to the same pitfalls as the rest of us. Unfortunately many have started to bleed that philosophy into policy where we must prevent anything unsightly and agrarian from appearing on our manicured and mortgaged, upscale landscapes. A chicken coop or backyard garden signals suburban regression and how do we explain this atrocity to our friends?

    My thoughts on action? Hunger and inflation can be mighty convincing, so can those suffering from them. Time is a wonderful ally and enormously powerful. There will come a time when the sensible that possess forethought and prudence will be looked to for advice and assistance instead of scorn.

    After all I believe what we have here is a modern day Aesop’s fable of the grasshopper and the ant.

  8. Thanks for your support.
    Have a warm blueberry muffin.

  9. I do agree with the above comment regarding our society fostering dependence over independence. That being said, perhaps you can get together with a few other people (maybe start at your local churches) and begin a grass roots movement. Get a petition started to to reverse this new ruling. Gathering enough signatures and bringing it (with a your group) in front of the city council. Try to get the press involved and/or write letters to your editor. The council is usually elected officials and must answer to their constituency for their political actions. This is a disturbing trend and we might want to keep an eye on the federal government, as I’ve heard that they are introducing a bill that makes any person who “farms” their soil (i.e., growing vegetables or edibles)subject to government regulation (in other words, permits, fees and someone telling you what you can and cannot grow on your own land). I don’t yet know the bill is called or who started it but I do know this is the last thing we need, especially during difficult time such as these. What’s that old saying “eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”…we look away for a minute … 🙂 … Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress.

  10. I do sometimes wonder if things haven’t been structured in recent decades to foster dependence. I noticed, even in the small town in which I was raised, that small neighborhood groceries were gone by the mid-seventies. The eighties ushered in a movement of the town library, churches, schools, community centers and other public buildings to the outskirts – making it all but impossible to visit them without a vehicle. And then there were strip malls. After all, gas is cheap, right? *snorts*

    I’m not suggesting that the public was led like sheep to the slaughter. Nor do I mean to imply that there’s some nefarious entity controlling things. But I think that we’re now seeing, in so many ways, where a lack of foresight can lead us. Hopefully, we can learn to work together to make our world a little more adaptable to changes the future might bring. Gas was cheap. Many of us kind of assumed it wouldn’t be an issue in our lifetimes, and we were wrong. I have to wonder what other silly gambles we might be making today as far as future infrastructure and public administration.

    Just my thinks. I don’t necessarily have any solutions, but it’s an interesting line of thought, no?

    In other words, I think you might want to question and educate authority to the best of your ability, if you possibly can. You know you’re got my undying support. You’re a shining example of how well it can work, after all.

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