Weird Behaviors of a Country Girl

So, for the most part, when I want a reliable weather report I head to the NOAA site. They are far more accurate than any local radio or television station. Well, back when I had tv, anyway.

Internet is great. Any thing you want to know can be found somewhere.


Being a country girl, sometimes just paying attention to your surroundings leaves you better prepared.

I was enjoying the fresh air last night, relieved that we are done running maple sap down the hill for my mom to evaporate on top of her wood stove. The sap didn’t stop running. We just have had such wonderful sap flow that she can’t handle any more.

Anyway, I was sitting outside and heard something that always gets me thinking.

Geese. Flocks and flocks of Canadian Geese honking their way north in the starry darkness of night. For hours, flock after flock. I finally fell to sleep around 4 am, still hearing them call to each other.

This thrilled me for two reasons.

1. Spring is here.

2. In my experience, many flocks of geese flying through by starlight only mean one thing. A storm is coming. I don’t mean a little rain. I mean batton(sp?) down the hatches, charge the batteries, check that the animals have full waterers, and make a thermos of coffee. That kind of storm.

The type with winds that yank at my mothers front storm door. The way her house sits, if the breeze tugs the front door open, it is time to bring in more wood.

Where was I?

Oh, sorry, need a cup of coffee. The geese.

So, it would seem if loads of geese, not just a random flock lead by some power hungry alpha goose, but flocks and flocks of geese flying through the night means a nasty storm within 48 hours.

If they fly fast, low and silent, within about 16-24 hours maximum. I don’t like when they do that. It gives me the creeps.

Well, I guess I should check the weather.


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