Camping in the Country — A Read Aloud Story for Little Ones

The following is a true story. Snuggle in and enjoy:

Camping in the Country


Neighbor Nancy


Joey lived in the big, bustling city. He lived on a noisy street with his mother, his father and his big brother Teddy. Well, Teddy was only a little bigger.

One day, his father came home from work with all sorts of things in the back of the car.

“Who wants to go camping at a park in the country,” he bellowed as he burst through the door.

“We do! We do!” both boys shouted.

So, everyone packed their gear and off the family went. They were very excited about that first camping trip in the country.

Along the way ,they sang and pointed out farm animals. They saw horses, cows, pigs, and ducks. And just before the park entrance they saw white, fluffy animals dotting the hillside. Can you guess what animals they saw?

Sheep. About two dozen sheep just standing around munching the grass.

On their way into the park, the ranger warned them to lock all their food in the trunk of the car because of the rather curious bears that lived there.

Bears? The boys hoped with all their hearts that they might see one.

The camp site was very interesting. There were so many things to investigate. The boys noticed how the light green stuff only grew on one side of all the trees, the strange mushrooms that stuck out like shelves, and all the wonderfully different bugs living under the rocks.

After all their exploring, the family sat down around the campfire to enjoy a flame cooked meal together. As the night grew darker, they enjoyed the heat and fascinating light of their little campfire.

Unfortunately, bedtime did come, as it always seems to do at the most fun times. Does that happen to you?


Joey and Teddy’s parents locked away all the food and put out the fire.

Everyone got ready for bed. They climbed into their toasty sleeping bags and zipped the flaps of the tent closed. Quietly, peacefully, everyone fell asleep.

Suddenly, Joey sat up.

What had he heard?

Scratch. Crunch. Crunch!

What was that, he wondered.

He quietly shook Teddy awake to listen, too.

Now they both heard the noise and whatever it was it was coming closer.

Scratch! Crunch! Crunch!!! Burp?!

“Should we wake Dad,” Joey asked in a shaky whisper.

“No,” Teddy said, a little shaky, too,” he said he was tired.”

“D…d…do…do you think it’s a bear?”

“M…maybe,” replied a now very scared Teddy.

Just when the boys couldn’t stand it any longer and were about to wake their parents…


The boys burst out laughing so loudly that their parents woke up.


They peeked out of the tent into the dim pre-dawn light to see a sheep, happily munching her breakfast of grass, right by their camping chairs.

Well, the boys never did see a bear. But they certainly did have an adventure to tell their friends at home!

The End

What did you think was outside the tent?

Did you like my story?

Those sheep in the story were my sheep. When I was little like you, they liked to visit the park across the valley and get into all kinds of mischief.


Please feel free to let your little ones comment, even if you have to type it for them.

We had a backyard flock of sheep that used to go for walks pretty frequently. No fence could contain them. The park ranger could barely contain himself, when he shared this particular story. I still chuckle when I remember it.


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  1. I am thrilled you enjoyed the adventure my sheep had. We thought it was pretty funny, too. Perhaps, I will write more soon. I do love a good read aloud story, accompanied by the sound of giggling children.

  2. We liked the ending of your story because they found out it was just a sheep, and the “scratch crunch burp” part was funny. We think the sound words are funny because it sounds like a bear, but it is really sheep. We also liked the part when they laughed so hard that they woke up their parents, and the didn’t see a bear, but they will tell their friends back home. We liked in the beginning when the dad came home and said they were going camping because if I were the kids I would be happy and excited.

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