Household Quick Tip: Mold, Lichen, Fungus

You know what they say about the guy who collects wild mushrooms, right?

He’s a Fungi.

I heard that joke in eighth grade and thought it very witty. Oh dear, that was so long ago.

Anyway, why are we here?

Ah yes,

Use straight vinegar to help remove mold and mildew from everything from flower pots to windowsills. It’s a biochemistry thing, whose explanation is much too far in my past to share. Ask your favorite organic chemist to explain.

I’ve even heard of it used in bulk to remove the lichen that sometimes grows on roof shingles, although I have no clue if that one works. Is lichen a fungus? I think so. Try it on a small spot and let us know.

(Neighbor Nancy grabs a bunch of grap, stuffs them in her garden apron pocket for gardening nourishment ,then disappears out the door, letting the screen slam)


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