Household Quick Tip — Clearing a Slow Drain

So the sink or tub drain is getting slower and s-l-o-w-e-r.  What are you gonna do?

Well, you could dump that scary toxic stuff down there, but it’s expensive and … well … toxic.

If the drain is … um … draining, but is just slower than it should be, try this.

If it is out right blocked, get someone strong to try this. (Preferably, not wearing their Sunday best. The fun of it just might get out of hand.)

Once the sink is cleared and without running water first, dump some baking soda in the drain.

Get ready ’cause this is the fun part.

With some kind of stopper, even a baggie over your hand is fine, dump in some white vinegar and very quickly block the drain and hold it. Tightly.

Whee! Look at the fun.

A little kitchen chemistry saves the day.

Your kids will think you’re a genius– and very cool.

(Neighbor Nancy brushes a bit of mystery drain gunk from her cheek and marches off to the next project. )


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  1. My giggling scientist is 6. “Volcanoes” plus a little creative thinking and mischief are exactly how this came about. He “accidently” cleared the bathroom drain. All I heard was screaming and laughing. Then, “Mom guess what I did?!” We still do it to this day.

  2. Our sons used to make “volcanoes” by forming a mountain out of playdough, filling the center with baking soda and adding some vinegar. (Strictly an outdoor activity.) I need to try this on our upstairs drain!

  3. Oh, I can only imagine! Is there anything worse than a kitchen drain? I can’t help being curious.

    You had better take some warm lemon poppyseed muffins with you as a thanks for the comment. Just wash your hands first.

  4. It’s great that you are having fun clearing the drain. Some of the drains we clear are not so fun.

  5. Oh, please, come back and tell me how you liked it. It makes you feel like a little kid! I think it’s so much fun I might… just might trim my hair over the sink, just for the entertainment value.
    Yes, I am easily amused.

  6. Oh Nancy, you know just what I need and when! I just noticed my bathroom sink is draining slowly but didn’t do anything about it. When I read this post, I knew I’d better get in there and do that! Thanks!!

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