Cleaning Quick Tip: The Janitor’s Scuff Mark Secret

There is one really obvious way to remove a simple floor scuff mark that is always overlooked.

Remember when you were in school and the janitors were psychotic about “only gym shoes on the gym floor?” I always wondered if they were off fuming somewhere every time a school dance was held in the gym. Were they off pouting and cursing in some distant supply closet? These are the kind of questions that just roll about my mind all the time… even when I’m trying to concentrate on important things. Is that healthy?


How to clean scuff marks:

This tip is from Mr. Neighbor Nancy, my true love and a career janitor.

“Well, you could get down on your hands and knees and “erase” it with an art gum eraser, but why make so much work out of it?

Wearing any rubber soled shoe, except black, erase the scuff with your heel or toe, whichever is more comfortable. That’s it.”

My husband says new black rubber soled shoes leave a new scuff mark, but once you wear them down a bit, they work, too.

Come back tonight for a new waiting-for-payday recipe or visit the category on the right if your hungry now.

(Neighbor Nancy reties her apron and heads back into her cozy kitchen.)


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  1. “Never underestimate the janitor.”
    He knows all, sees all and literally, holds all the keys.

  2. My friend and I just marveled at our school janitor last week–he was wiping up scuff marks with a tennis ball that had been sliced open and put on the end of a broom handle. easy peasy!

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