Gardeners: What To Plant Now — Very Comprehensive

(Neighbor Nancy peeks over her massive stack of gardening books)

Oh, hi! I didn’t see you there.

(As Neighbor Nancy tries to stand to greet you, her towers of books tumble loudly about her feet)

Oh, for pity’s sake!


You know, I’ve been gardening for about a decade. First, a little indoor apartment gardening, then, a few tentative doorstep tomatoes, on to a parking space sized plot and so on.

This year we are trying wheat and oats for the first time on top three big veggie, soft fruit, herb and orchard areas.

And still… still… I have to poke through books each spring struggling to make sure I’m putting things in at their optimum planting time.

Then today, accidentally misfiled in my SPAM folder, I found this treasure from Mother Earth News.

If you’re impatient, the link is at the bottom.

It begins with a map, so you can click on you region.

Then, through the magic of internet, appears the most glorious monthly chart.

Indoor sowing, out door sowing, transplanting for vegetables and herbs, a list of the top ten producers for your region, articles with seed starting tips, etc.

I think I’m getting a little hot under the collar.

That link below is just down right sexy… well … to a gardener, at least.

Click here for What To Plant Now

( As Neighbor Nancy steps over her mess of book to see you out, she stumbles, throwing her apron and skirt over her head, exposing her granny pantie clad bottom. )

*String of curses deleted for the more delicate reader*

See you next time. I’m going to check on my bubbling bean pot of sour dough starter.

Join me Friday afternoons for the latest edition of the Neighborly Advice weekend magazine. A few neighbors and I have gotten together to share some beginner articles on backyard livestock, preserving, cooking, baking, knitting, etc. Join the fun as we challenge you to learn a new skill.

Where are you headed?

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  1. […] Muller presents Gardeners: What To Plant Now — Very Comprehensive posted at Recession Depression […]

  2. […] Muller presents Gardeners: What To Plant Now — Very Comprehensive posted at Recession Depression […]

  3. As you already know, the occasional rant happens here.
    Thanks for the great info!
    Have a blueberry muffin.

  4. That is sexy! Hey, let me tell you how to get to the errogenous zone: You might also check out the website for your local A&M College for a planting guide tailored to your state. In my state, Louisiana, the planting times vary a fair amount from north to south even within this small state. The Planting guide for Louisiana, which also includes depth, spacing, germination period, time from planting till harvest, and different dates for whether you plant seeds or small plants, is at

    You’ll notice Louisiana is a place of garden orgy where you can plant 12 months a year! My wife told me there was a study that showed Louisiana as a state that could fend for itself if there was complete economic and political collapse–well, not the crybaby city slickers in New Orleans. Over here in the Southwest part of the state we don’t cry for FEMA or the president to come help us, we get in our boats and go check on our neighbors (and give our cell numbers to the sherriff in case he needs us to go get or check on somebody). Okay, soory for the state pride rant :).

  5. You know you might also be able to use the Old Farmer’s Almanac site, You can customize it for your zip code and if you look under the Gardening tab they will tell you favorable dates by moon phases for planting just about anything.

  6. Wow! That’s very helpful. Thank you for posting it!

    To be honest, I’d sowed some peas yesterday, but I was having misgivings that it’s too soon. But Lo! It is not! In fact, I can get on the carrots, radishes, spinach & cilantro. How exciting!

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