Sour Dough Challenge: Waitin’ and Peekin’

Good morning. I’m so glad you could join me today.

Grab a cup of coffee and a warm muffin from the basket and join me to peek at how the sour dough starter is coming.

Well, I lifted the cloth to take a peek. It almost has the smoothness you might see in a brand new tub of cottage cheese. Almost lumpy, but still flat. Okay, and beige, instead of white.

Also there is a bit of liquid on the surface, slightly brownish in color. Anyone know if that’s okay? I mean the color of the liquid.

Most importantly, it smells like yeast. I didn’t stir it (am I supposed to or not?), but did move it to a warmer location in the living room, I noticed the area it was in for about 7 hours was around 72 degrees instead of the recommended 85.


Dear Santa,

I have tried to be a very good girl and would like a camera for Christmas.


Anybody have any thoughts on what I’m seeing?

Did you start yours?

If so what is going on with it?

If you have a picture, please e-mail it. So I can put it in the next post.

At 23 Hours: Okay, everything is beige and bubbly. It now looks how I thought it might. I have had a beast of a time keeping the darn thing warm enough. Temp came down, stopped bubblin’. Temp at 85, happy starter. Very strange creature is this sour dough. I guess we will see tomorrow night.

Gave it a little stir since it looked a little… separated.

At 29 hours: Beautiful beige whipped cream that you are blowing bubbles in with a straw.

Post mortem note:

There, right there at 29 bubbly, frothy hours. That is where I should have used it or refrigerated it.

(Neighbor Nancy ties on her black apron to mourn the death… or perhaps, murder of her lovely sour dough starter.)


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  1. How cool! Sounds like it’s working. I’m loving the updates as you go along.

    I feel like there’s something especially scary about trying sourdough for the first time. Why? Don’t know. It just feels like it’s especially disaster-prone. Maybe that’s just me, though.

    Kudos to you for being game to try it out for the first time and share your results here.

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