Sour Dough Challenge: Batch 1 R.I.P.

I missed it! I actually missed it.

The recipe said wait 48 hrs. So when it was bubbly and foamy last night, I should have used it. But it said to wait so I did.

It stopped bubbling and went flat.

I stirred it. Waited. Nothing.

Fed it with more flour and sugar. Waited. Nothing.

I have killed my sour dough starter.

No Oregon Sour Dough Starter for me.

Tomorrow, I begin again.

Rest in peace, stinky dough starter. You were fun while you bubbled.

Well, at least I’m learning. New kitchen adventures can be so scary sometimes.

How has yours been doing?

Did you miss it? Bake with it? Refrigerate it for another day?


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  1. Jen,
    You are obviously a woman of my own heart. Last year, I got the starter and waited until I was brave enough. Well, it turns out that the dehydrated starter only works for something like 3 months. So, in my fear, I missed it. This time I was so nervous about following the directions to the “t” that I MISSED IT. Jump right in. I share my blunders with you so you can think of it as your failed first try and move on to success. It is through our failures we learn.
    Worst comes to worst, you mail for another batch or join me with the recipe I’ll use for my next attempt.
    Go ahead, you know you want to

  2. it’s really crazy that it’s so tricky, and it’s alive… well, i’m not trying mine just yet. i’ve got to screw up the courage for it.

  3. That’s what I thought. Maybe someone will be encourage by my defeat.
    Yes, please. I would love a sour dough biscuit, although I take it with a pouty heart that I didn’t get to make it myself.

  4. oh bummer, usually the more you feed it the better and stronger it gets. You might try to feed twice a day for a couple of days to a week. Good luck with it. I surely love mine. May I offer YOU a sourdough biscuit? šŸ™‚

  5. Oh, I did! I did refeed it. And nothing.
    I waited and then the sour smell left for a new less lovely odor. Still no bubbles. šŸ˜¦ I will be trying a new recipe tonight. This time I know when to use it.
    Learning is always an adventure.
    I’m glad yours is turning out well. Thanks for dropping by. I’d offer you a sour dough biscuit but…

  6. I don’t think you killed it, just re-feed it. Mine works great even in my chilly house (we keep it about 65 degrees) Even with neglect the sourdough beasties just slow down. The Oregon Trail sourdough is a good one and tastes lovely.

  7. i just got mine in the mail today.
    i’m sorry for your loss.

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