Cleaning Quick Tip — Hateful Windows

I never buy the spray bottle kind of window cleaner. What a waste of money!

Try buying windshield wiper fluid or vinegar in the gallon size. Which one? Whichever costs the least. If you are trying to go “green,” get the vinegar.

Pour it into any clean spray bottle and your off.

Save money on paper towels by using newspaper or a lint-free rag. I find that really ancient t-shirts — the kind you literally need to hide from the family member that has worn it to the state of indecency– make the nicest lint-free window rags.

Now when you wash your window, pick a direction. What am I talking about?

Well, for inside surfaces I squeegie back and forth and outside surfaces, I squeegie up and down. Then if there’s a streak, you know which side to buff.

(Neighbor Nancy pushes away from her computer, retying her cleaning apron and is off to squeege)

Yes, I do suspect I made that word (squeeeeeege ) up, but it has such a fun sound to it. Go ahead say it out loud. You know you want to.



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