Gardening Questions: Who Ya Gonna Call?

(Neighbor Nancy draws her chair up to the computer and begins writing with her hands still alarmingly crusted with soil. )

Everybody get confounded by their garden. Everyone. Sooner or later, even the most experienced green thumb is stumped by some odd plant behavior.

So, what do you do? To whom do you turn?

You county extension agent.

Every county in the US has one, whose knowledge is backed by a major land grant school. This person’s salary is paid for by your tax dollars and is available to you.

Whether you need to choose the right variety of wheat to plant on 1,000 acres or you windowsill Christmas Cactus won’t bloom, these people have the answers.

I was shocked to learn that just the average person could call them, attend seminars or participate in workshops. ( I thought the extension agent was just for farmers, not every dad-blasted citizen. Silly me.)

Last Spring, I attended the most informative lecture on backyard fruit trees. The example used was just a dwarf apple tree in a city backyard.

Last fall, I attended a “Caprine Weekend” to learn about backyard goats. There were non stop workshops on every goat topic you could dream up. It was magnificent and I left with new confidence. The whole weekend camping and learning experience cost $35. Yup, that’s it. The fee was just to cover the camping.

My heroes.

You can ask these guys anything. Anything! If they by some odd chance don’t know the answer, they know where to find it.

These are also the people who can tell you about your soil. For $9, you can get your soil tested. Plus, get super specific personalized recommendations for improving your soil for your specific needs.

Your beloved potted plant looks ill and you don’t know why? Take it for a ride to the extension agent’s office.

So, don’t be shy. Give your extension agent a call, visit her office or look her up on the internet. You won’t be sorry.

(Neighbor Nancy disconnects to call her extension agent about how to plant a little backyard plot of oats.)


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  1. (Neighbor Nancy holds out a warm basket of muffins just for the folks at the extension outreach)
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. Thank you Nancy for singing the praises of the Extension Outreach. UConn Home and Garden Education Center has a wordpress blog to reach more of the public.

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  4. […] Original post by Neighbor Nancy […]

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